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Interview mam Jefferey Deaver


Jeffery Deaver | © Emanuela Danielewicz

I am really glad you’ve accepted my interview. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

Can you tell us a bit more about how you became a writer?
I started writing when I was very young. I wrote my first book when I was just eleven, but it only had two chapters! I continued to write short stories and poetry throughout high school, although none of that work was published.

Was it difficult for the first book to find a publisher?
My first novel was published only in paperback and was not a big success. The publisher was a very small company that is no longer in business. Like most new writers, I had many rejections before my first novel was published.

Is there a book you would never read? Why?
I can’t think of any book I wouldn’t read.

What’s your favorite book?
There are so many great books, but I have a special fondness for the James Bond novels by Ian Fleming, which I started reading when I was a teenager. I was honored a few years ago when the Fleming Estate asked if I would write a new James Bond novel.

Favorite quote?
Again, there are so many quotes I love that it’s hard to pick one. But when I conduct writing workshops, I love to tell writers not to be discouraged if their books are rejected because rejection is not a roadblock, it’s just a bump in the road.

EBooks or paper print?
I read both. Ebooks are great for travel, but there’s still something special about print books.

What inspires you?
I look at writing as a job, so inspiration really doesn’t figure into the writing process for me. I sit at my computer and write eight to ten hours a day, every day, and it takes about a year to complete a novel.

Imagine you were given the opportunity to meet a book character in real life. Who would that be?
I have a fondness for Sherlock Holmes.
Please explain.
I find the way he solves cases is brilliant and I‘ve tried to use the same type of logic in my own novels.

What’s your worst nightmare?
I don’t really have a worst nightmare, although it’s scary to think about readers not wanting to read my novels!
The best decision of your life was?
I think one of the best decisions I’ve made was to look at my writing career as a real job. I show up every day and work, whether I feel like it or not. By sticking to this schedule, I’ve been able to turn out about thirty novels and hundreds of short stories over the past thirty years.

I can’t wait to read your next book. Are you currently working on a project? Is there any release date to reveal?
My next book is The Cutting Edge (a Lincoln Rhyme novel) and will be published this spring. I’m already at work on the next novel.



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