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Interview mam Kendare Blake

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photo: Shawn H. Nichols Photography

I am really glad you’ve accepted my interview. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

Can you tell us a bit more about how you became a writer?
I became a writer through reading. I read voraciously as a kid, and before I could read on my own my mother read to me constantly. We were always at the library checking out new books. Once I became a teenager, the love of reading started to expand into a love of writing, and I’ve been doing it ever since!

Was it difficult for the first book to find a publisher?
My first published book found a home at a micropress about a year and a half after being on submission, and two and a half years after I wrote it. Hardly anyone has read it. But that still wasn’t the first book I had written. I wrote four before that. None of them were ever published. Nor should they have been. They were fairly terrible.
Finding a publisher (or an agent) is often hard. I queried for years, with the wrong projects, or writing that wasn’t strong enough, before things finally started to click with selling short stories, and then writing Anna Dressed in Blood.

Could you describe literature in three words?
Better than reality.

Is there a book you would never read? Why?
Nope. There are books that I am UNLIKELY to read. I don’t think I’ll ever read War and Peace. It just seems very unlikely. Mysteries, are unlikely for me. I don’t know why.

What’s your favorite book?
Too hard to choose a favorite. I’ve always loved Jane Eyre. And Stephen King’s IT.

Favorite quote?
I have to return some videotapes. – Bret Easton Ellis

EBooks or paper print?
Print. I’ll read ebooks on planes, or for blurbing sometimes if I have to. But I prefer to hold a book and flip the pages.

What inspires you?
I can never tell. With Anna Dressed in Blood, it as violence and an urge to play a good horror video game. With Antigoddess, it was the Iliad and the Trojan War. With Three Dark Crowns, it was a swarm of bees.

Imagine you were given the opportunity to meet a book character in real life. Who would that be?
Depends on how long I had, and what we could do together. I mean, could I ride a dragon? Because that would be neat.

What’s your worst nightmare?
Literally? I guess I have nightmares where I die. Like being in an accident and knowing it’s too bad to survive it, and then bang, dead and I wake up. Or last night I had one where I was the only female member of the Avengers and I just kept hoping they weren’t going to pair me up with Ant-Man.

The best decision of your life was?
Deciding to go all-in on my writing. Moving to London for grad school. Everything good has followed that.

I can’t wait to read your next book. Are you currently working on a project? Is there any release date to reveal?
My next book is the third installment in the Three Dark Crowns series: TWO DARK REIGNS. The US cover was just revealed recently, and it comes out on September 4th. I’m still working on it a little. Then I’ll start in on the fourth and final installment, to be out in 2019.

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