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Interview mam Ben Aaronovitch

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Can you tell us a bit more about how you became a writer?
I’ve basically had two careers separated by a period of complete and utter failure. First I worked as a scriptwriter where I got my first gig by writing scripts and submitting them to targeted script editors.

My second phase came twenty years later when I realised that it was easier to get published in prose than get work in scripts. So step one: write the book. Step two: submit to every agent in the UK until one too me on. Step Three: your agent sells it to a publisher.

Was it difficult for the first book to find a publisher?
Not with Rivers of London. I knew when I wrote the first ten pages that I’d lucked into something hot. I knew it would get past the industry gatekeepers but runaway success of the books came as a surprise to me, my agent, the publishers – everyone.

Could you describe literature in three words?
Words with meaning.

Is there a book you would never read? Why?
There are many books I wouldn’t read and the reason is that there just isn’t enough time to read all the books.

What’s your favourite book?
Gorilla, My Love by Toni Cade Bambara

Favourite quote?
The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it. – Terry Pratchett

EBooks or paper print?
Both – and in vast quantities – plus the audiobooks.

What inspires you?
Like just about everyone alive I live in a state of constant inspiration – it’s just a question of finding time to write it all down.

Imagine you were given the opportunity to meet a book character in real life. Who would that be?
I’d like to meet Terry Pratchett’s Lord Vetinari

Please explain.
To discuss his philosophy of extreme utilitarianism and what role it could play in making the world a better place,

What’s your worst nightmare?
That things don’t get better.

The best decision of your life was?
Deciding to write Rivers of London.

I can’t wait to read your next book. Are you currently working on a project? Is there any release date to reveal?
Well I’m actually two projects ahead now. After Lies Sleeping comes the novella The October Man and then the novel I’m working on right now. Both should be out next year.

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